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Taking Action When Justice Is Deferred: Nafissatou Diallo - Persephone Magazine

My article on the continuing mess that is the Strauss Kahn trial

The idea of what type of qualities constitutes an “actual” rape victim is an unfortunate and pervasive part of rape culture mentality, in which one who has been sexually assaulted, now has to jump through unattainable legal and social hoops to be considered a “perfect” rape victim, claiming who can and cannot be violated. When rape happens to someone who may not always have the perfect background or a preferred narrative, it leaves not only those who are mostly unprotected or targeted by our biased legal system, but also to accept that they do not deserve to be protected because of their past misdeeds. When there starts to be a public checklist of what constitutes someone’s rape as considerably “real” or not, we can presume it’s just another unfortunate consequence of rape culture, much like the larger fear of being called a rapist, then actually being one. These are the hurdles that Diallo and thousands of other sexual assault victims must constantly face.

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